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Investors’ Dilemma
Markets are volatile, and interest rates are historically low. Where shall I put my money?

Our Solution
Diversified – Invest in multi asset classes; Dynamic – Adapt your allocation t0 market conditions; Disciplined – Follow your plan and strategy

We offer dynamic downside-risk-managed multi asset investment researches and solutions to individuals, family offices, investment advisers, pension funds, insurance companies, endowments and foundations.


  • Double-digit returns per year on average in last 40 years
  • 100% positive years in last 15 years
  • Only one negative year  in last 40 years


  • Single-digit volatility
  • Low drawdowns and quick recoveries
  • High risk-adjusted returns


  • Dynamic asset allocation with an emphasis on limiting downside risks
  • Multi-asset portfolios with equity, bond, commodity, gold, real estate and energy trust
  • Four pre-defined portfolios to satisfy your life-cycle investment needs


  • Select the portfolio that fits your investment objectives
  • Re-balance once a month
  • Use low-cost ETFs or index funds


Portfolio Solutions MTD
(as of 12/31/2013)
(as of 12/12)
(as of 12/12)
Aggressive 0.8% 6.7% 14.4% 15.2% 16.9%
Moderate 1.4% 8.6% 9.4% 13.4% 14.5%
Conservative 1.4% 8.9% 4.5% 12.3% 12.6%
Defensive 1.5% 10.7% 1.1% 11.7% 10.8%
Concentrated Portfolio 0.3% 5.7% 16.1% 16.5% 19.3%
S&P 500 Index -0.3% 13.5% 32.3% 1.7% 7.1%
Barclays Bond Index 0.15.% 6.0% -2.0% 5.6% 5.0%

The strategies described here have a solid theoretical foundation and have been thoroughly back tested with last forty years of data (for detail, please read our white papers).  They can be readily implemented by any investors with little effort but a good discipline. Currently, we offer free memberships to interested investors on a trial basis. Being a member, you will have access to

  • monthly asset allocation recommendations on the first business day;
  • monthly market and portfolio review;
  • email notification on asset allocation and portfolio re-balancing;
  • weekly summary on news and performance.


We also offer consulting services to help clients improve their dynamic asset allocation process. If interested, please contact us.

“Great work showing that individuals can be actively involved with a relatively simple strategy and not have a painful blowup in the protfolio. I would guess that this would likely be generating the short term trading gains so it might be better as a part of the IRA. However, even the after tax returns would have been pretty nice for most investors. ” – Seekingalpha reader 

“You have done a very good job of consolidating a workable investment allocation, rotation and timing strategy, taking the best elements from a number of different strategies. The web site is very good, simple and up to date. I appreciate you sharing this with us!” — Rick

Note: The investment performance in this website is HYPOTHETICAL. It is based on the back tests of last forty years of data. Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations. Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

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